Refurbished Soul

As you begin to flip through the pages and text of this book, you will soon realize that Frank’s hellish period in time was both; dark and deserved. Refurbished Soul was written as a cautionary tale to assist, guide, and warn others that you have the power to reject that inner voice of wrong and ultimately make better decisions for your greater good. In its embryonic stage, this book was only supposed to be a letter to his oldest daughter Lauryn, intitled Letter to Lauryn. Still, after about the third page, Frank soon realized that this book can be more and challenged himself to become friends with vulnerability, and continued to write. Upon completion of this book, Frank asked Lauryn if she would like to read it because, ultimately, he needed her stamp of approval.
Enjoy Frank’s debut book, Refurbished Soul.

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After his debut book Refurbished Soul, Frank Realized that most newcomers into sobriety really struggled to begin their trek forward. In Emotionink (A Journal), Frank wanted to share with others the commonality of emotions that most share, and that can be worked through with the proper mindset. This journal is just that. It is a literary guide in which emotions are elaborated upon with room for those in recovery to write and work through their own set of emotions. This journal is a must have for anyone transforming themselves from alcohol, addiction, depression, anxiety, and mental abuse. It is through each person’s own recovery that Emotionink will help and set the tone for emotional freedom. eBook journal pages.

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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of ‘Blots of Ink’ where the boundaries of reality blur and the whispers of your subconscious come to life. Within these pages lies an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Explore the enigmatic beauty of words as they unveil profound insights into your deepest desires and untapped potential. Prepare to challenge the status quo, as you delve into the art of self-reflection and embrace the power of your own psyche. With vivid imagery and thought-provoking words, this immersive experience will awaken your inner visionary and ignite a passion for personal growth. Unlock the secrets hidden within the texts and rewrite the story of your life. Step into a world where words become a catalyst for change and let your journey of transformation begin.

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In a world where peer pressure runs rampant within junior high and high schools, this booklet becomes your unwavering ally, supplying essential insights to both teenagers and parents. Together, let’s unravel the complexities of alcohol and equip ourselves with the tools to resist its allure. Within these pages, discover the truth about alcohol’s impact on your physical, emotional, and social well-being. Learn how it can hinder your growth, impair judgment, and jeopardize your dreams. This booklet fearlessly addresses the dangers of succumbing to peer pressure and reveals the empowering choices that can shape your future.

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