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 by Anonymous
Name: Evelyn Blake

5 stars for sure. If your looking for a good cry, good laugh, great encouragement and very inspiring book, well this is it. Once I really starting reading this book I couldn’t put it down. I’m in sobriety myself so I was able to relate to some of these stories. Frank you are amazing and I’m so very proud of you and I’m sure your daughters, family and friends are as well. Thank you for sharing your story. It is truly inspiring to others. Great Book a must read!!

 by Anonymous
Name: Kim

This book was a page turner. I read it 24 hours! The journey of addiction and pain turned into recovery and victory was encouraging and uplifting. Frank's last 2 chapters really spoke to me with tools that I will be implementing into my life of recovery. I see how God can use someone's life with so much pain and loneliness into something full of love, hope and restoration for others. Thank you Frank!

 by Anonymous
Name: Debra

WOW! Just WOW! I find it amazing how this guy was able to go through what he went through and be able to stand on his own two feet in the end. I love how he acknowledged that he could not have made it without some very key people in his life. His ex-wife and then girlfriend played a very key role in his psychotic stability, and you just do not find that these days. Kudos, two both of those women. I especially love how he allowed me the reader to see all his vulnerabilities, I find that both, very bold and alluring. GREAT BOOK!! And maybe now, I can start to kick this bottle out of my own life.

 by Anonymous
Name: Eliseo A

Great book! The Author keeps you engaged, touches on many issues and doesn’t hold back. Right from the beginning it felt like I knew Frank. It was as if I was walking along side him as he was going through his trials and tribulations. Thank you Frank Garcia for sharing your story. Definitely recommend this book!

 by Anonymous
Name: KODY

Garcia's voice is unique, authentic, and fresh. He tells his story from a place of unfettered transparency, and he doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to taboo topics. He humbly shares his success without shying away from the poor decisions he made that spurred him into becoming the very best version of himself. While sharing his story, he also offers hope and guidance to all who struggle with vices- not just substance abuse.

Refurbished soul is a book full of hope, encouragement, and entertaining stories from a man who has seen the depths of rock bottom, and now basks on sunny shores. Anyone and everyone can take something positive away from this book.

 by Anonymous
Name: Nic

First…5 out of 5 stars! Frank tackled the topics of several vices with finesse. With an unapologetically realistic delivery packed with emotion. Could not put this book down. It was definitely my cup of tea. “If you don’t listen, you will”! I enjoyed his honesty, transparency and vulneralbility. He had the courage to show up and be seen. His story is inspiring and can be applied to anyone wanting to improve their lives. “Everyday, in every way, I’m getting better and better”!

 by Anonymous
Name: Alijandra

First of all, I don't even know how this guy is still alive? Second, does anyone else see this as a "Love Story?" I believe that although he went through hell, there is a love story here, at least that's my opinion. This book was gripping, I couldn't wait to get home from work and read more. I loved the way he wrote, and I was even more intrigued with him on the book cover. Thank you, Frank, you make me feel like I can run through the walls of addiction!

 by Anonymous
Name: Jamien

Powerful book showing the struggles of addiction with the beauty of redemption. This is no cookie cutter story and unlike any book you’ll read. Frank stays completely true to himself and gives the reader the most honest recap of what he was going through and his thoughts, which is hard to find. While this book has many deep parts that conjure tough emotions, his unique style is what makes this a fun and wild read. Excellent book and huge thanks to Frank for telling his story. It will definitely help many people who find themselves in similar situations.

 by Anonymous
Name: Brad

A must read book that highlights the strength of the human spirit and the will to keep going. So many great stories and anecdotes in a way that only Frank could have written.

 by Anonymous
Name: Andrei Smith

This book was an absolutely breath taking read. Long enough to get the point across and short enough to stay riveting the entire time.

I've personally bought a number of friends this book to share the experience!

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